#55 Row Boat in Central Park



Saturday June 26, 2010

This July marks my 3rd year and the start of my 4th summer here in New York City.  I honestly can’t believe the time has gone by so fast!  While I have done a lot of truly amazing things while living in the Big Apple, there has always been something I have been longing to do, and it takes place in my most favorite part of the city–Central Park!

So Saturday morning, I set out to complete the first item on my bucket list–row boating in Central Park!  Hand in hand with my fantastic fiance, Zack, we stopped at Agata and Valentina (our favorite grocery store) for fresh sandwiches–prosciutto & mozzarella for me, ham & cheese for Zack–and fruit to enjoy on our boat ride.

I have to say, the row boat ride was awesome!  We couldn’t have had a more gorgeous day.  Luckily, there was no line, so we got right out there and enjoyed the sunshine.  We didn’t actually realize how big the lake by the boat house was!  We rowed around until finding the perfect lunch spot in the shade.  About 5 minutes later, a tourist couple started creeping on our spot.  We were wondering why in a lake this big did they need to creep on a spot right next to us!  We quickly realized their plan which was to make us their photographers haha.  I guess we looked nice enough.  So we took their photos and figured we might as well have them take ours too since they were already there!

After eating our lunch, we continued exploring the lake–going under the bridges, seeing turtles and an adorable family of mallard ducks.  Lucky for me, Zack did all the rowing work and he let me just sit back and enjoy the scenery.  It was a blast, and they even let us stay out on the boat for 15 extra minutes, no charge!  Hey, that’s great for NYC!

So happy I was able to knock off my first item on my list of 100 things, and I can’t wait for the next adventure!

Stay tuned!



100 Great Freakin’ Adventures of Gina

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”  –Eleanor Roosevelt

My good friend Ailie Jenkins told me about her fellow Aussie friend Seb’s 100 Things website and charity. I was truly inspired, and wanted to make my own “bucket list” of things I want to do in my life. Our time on the earth is precious and short, so we should be making the most of it, no doubt! I also love that Seb is doing this for such a wonderful charity.  He is trying to raise $100 for each item he checks off his bucket list.  The proceeds will go to Camp Quality, which is an organization that brings optimism and happiness to the lives of children and families affected with cancer through fun therapy.  If you would like to donate, please click here:http://www.campquality.org.au/public/home.aspx.  You can also view Seb’s website here: www.100things.com.au.

I plan to blog each time I complete an item on my bucket list!  So get excited for some great freakin’ adventures!  And maybe you will be inspired to create a list of your own!



100 Great Freakin’ Adventures of Gina

1. Backpack through Europe

2. Take guitar lessons

3. Go to Carnival in Rio

4. Be a contestant in a game show

5. Go to the Olympics

6. Skydive

7. Take piano lessons

8. See a koala in Australia

9. Learn to ballroom dance

10. Travel to Costa Rica

11. Learn Italian

12. Write a book

13. Get cast in a show/play/musical in NYC

14. Take a photography class

15. Go to Japan

16. Go to Hawaii

17. See the holy land in Jerusalem

18. Half Iron Man

19. Coach a team to the championship

20. Have children

21. Own a dog

22. Drive across the country

23. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans

24. Fly in a hot air balloon

25. Go hangliding (100ft+)

26. Go to China

27. Go to Thailand

28. Go to India

29. Ride a camel in Egypt by the pyramids

30. Own a Mercedes Benz

31. Go to Nashville for the Country Music Festival

32. Go to a club in Miami

33. Go to the beach in Cabo San Luca, Mexico

34. Visit San Diego

35. Visit LA

36. Write a feature length screenplay and direct the film

37. Join a band

38. Knit a scarf

39. Climb a tall mountain

40. Go to a rodeo

41. Go cliff jumping

42. Sit front row at Bryant Park during Fashion Week

43. Go snorkeling in the Carribbean

44. Eat a mangostein

45. Save a life

46. Swim with dolphins

47. Learn to sew

48. Perform in a live comedy sketch with a group

49. Sit in a hot spring

50. Read “Gone With the Wind” from beginning to end

51. Host my own show

52. Write a song

53. Make homemade pasta from scratch

54. Go for a romantic horseback ride on a trail

55. Row boat in Central Park

56. Get married

57. See the Northern Lights

58. See the Grand Canyon

59. Visit Niagra Falls

60. Meet my penpal

61. Go on a zip cord

62. Helicopter ride

63. Ride a tandem bike

64. Have my dream house built

65. Go to the driving range

66. Play a full game of golf

67. Ride a mechanical bull

68. Go on an African safari

69. Take a weekend trip to the Hamptons

70. Go to a World Cup game

71. Try acupuncture

72. Go on a cruise

73. Do a tough mudder race

74. Do a ropes course

75. Go on a yoga retreat

76. Drive a Vespa around the city

77. Learn to drive a stick shift

78. Go rock climbing & repel

79. Visit the White House

80. Make a documentary of my travels somewhere

81. Start my own company doing something I love

82. Do the P90X Workout

83. Go deep sea fishing & eat my catch

84. Ski a double black diamond run

85. Take a Ferrari for a test drive

86. Turn off my cell phone for a week

87. Host a proper classy cocktail party

88. Go see a NY Ballet performance

89. Visit my Grandmother’s homeland in Ireland

90. Put a little monkey on my shoulder

91. Attend Burning Man

92. Host a 4 course dinner party (and cook it myself)

93. Survive a week in NYC spending no more than $20

94. Throw a dart at a map and then go there

95. Get hypnotized

96. See Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

97. Attract a crowd for a street performance

98. Cut my hair super short

99. Ride the tallest roller coaster in the world

100. Be silent for a full 24 hours