#42 Sit front row at Bryant Park during Fashion Week

September 10-12, 2010

Well, I may not have sat front row.  And they may have moved NY Fashion Week to Lincoln Center instead of Bryant Park, but I’m going to go ahead and say that my first three fashion shows in life is good enough to tick this item off my list!

I was super lucky and owe my friend, Christine, SO much for giving me this opportunity.  She saw my blog, and reached out to help me achieve this goal on my list.  She receives tickets to Fashion Week through her work, and she was out of town all weekend.  Therefore, she forwarded all her tickets to me!  I am extremely grateful and thankful, for this was truly an amazing experience.

To preface Fashion Week, I must say, I was also extremely lucky to run into two fashion geniuses on the streets of NYC the week before the festivities.  First, was on my way to catch a bus, I saw Project Runway Season 4 Winner, Christian Siriano, who is completely and utterly fierce (and he also used to be the shampoo boy at my hair salon, Bubbles, in Annapolis, MD before he became a famous designer).  His designs are just divine, and definitely show-stopping.  I wish I had the guts to say hello, but it’s SO not a NY thing to stop celebrities on the street.  Plus, he had his headphones in, and paid me no mind!  Secondly, on a run back from Central Park, I saw none other but the fascinating, Betsey Johnson!!!  Known for her rocker-feminine chic looks, she is just absolutely amazing, and I cannot even believe I saw her!  I didn’t think I was seeing correctly at first, but who else can rock platinum hair with blunt bangs at the age of 68?  No one.  And to confirm my suspicions, she was holding the hand of a little girl whom she called Layla.  Not being able to contain my curiosity, I looked Betsey up on Wikipedia to find that she does, indeed, have a granddaughter named Layla.  So this was just the beginning to an amazing Fashion Week!

I had solo tickets to three events, but being on my lonesome did not stop me at all from going!  My first show was on Friday night for the Academy of Art.  I stressed about what to wear, but I settled on an all black ensemble complete with faux leather pants, booties, short sleeved top, with sequined vest.  Hair was up with side bangs and a black jeweled and feathered headband.  Walking toward Lincoln Center, I’m not sure why, but I was a little bit nervous!  Clearly, I’m not cool enough or fashionable enough, right?  But once I got there, I realized that most people in attendance seemed just as “normal” as me, and most of them were just dying to see what celebrities they could run into, or who’s awesome seat they could steal.  It was a long wait before they let people in the doors, but once they dimmed the house lights, and the stage lights and music came on, it was just stunning!  My only regret is that the show was over too soon!

For the Academy of Art (San Fran) Show, they give recent graduates the opportunity to break into the business and showcase their talent during NYFW, and this was definitely an interesting show!  The runway was set up so that the models actually walked down one runway, turned a corner, and walked down another.  My seat was 2nd row (AWESOME!) right as the models turned the corner, so I got unbelievable views of the different looks.  This show was particularly interesting because there were about six different designers all with very distinct designs and styles.  It ranged from faux suede/leather, bohemian, relaxing menswear, cage style dresses, and there were even 2 child models who walked in the show.  In the front row was Kevin Christiana, Project Runway Season 4 contestant, and Leanne Marshall, Project Runway Season 5 winner.  (She actually sat right across from me).

I returned to Lincoln Center on Sunday dressed in a floral print dress with brown belt, calf high caramel boots, and green blazer/jacket.  Definitely less nervous the second time around.  This time, I was more excited because I was getting geared up to see Lela Rose and Catherine Malandrino!

Lela Rose had just a stunning, stunning show.  In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I die.”  Christian Siriano was also in attendance in the front row, as well as some other famous people, who I could not recognize (but you could just tell they were “somebody”).  I had to stand for this show, so I didn’t get the fresh baked lemon-almond biscotti treats that were left on the seats by Lela Rose herself, but I still had a pretty great view of the show.  The best part about the Lela Rose show was just how wearable everything was coming down the runway.  Although seeing a showstopper would have been cool, it was great to say that I could honestly have worn any single thing that came down her runway.  I love love loved all of it!  Her looks ranged from business casual chic, to bright cocktail dresses, a silver beaded floor length gown, and even a gorgeous wedding gown!  Definitely my favorite show that I attended!

Catherine Malandrino came next, and this was quite an interesting show, because it did not actually take place on the runway.  They set up the pool/fountain in Lincoln Center with 28 pedestals, and the models all walked out to take their places, standing around the pool.  It was just a beautiful sight to see all the looks in such a way.  They then opened the gates, and allowed everyone with tickets to walk around to each model and take photos of all the looks.  Catherine Malandrino’s show seemed very resort-like to me, with huge floppy hats, giant gladiator sandals up to the thigh, light and airy sheer pants, crocheted knits, and beautifully draped print dresses.  Overall, a very cool presentation.

I’m still in shock that I was fortunate enough to attend New York Fashion Week, and I’m so thankful to Christine for giving me her tickets!  What an amazing time!