Brighton Beach


Sitting on Brighton Beach during magic hour (what I call the hour before the sun sets) with my boys after an amazing stress-free day at Coney Island yesterday, (yes stress-free, can you believe it?! Lol) I started to reflect as the beach was emptying out and the boys were happily digging in the sand.

Before having kids, I had always wondering what it would be like to be a stay at home mom. Part of me always wanted to work, be creative, and have my own career and financial success…but then the part of me who was slugging through the day to day at times thought, “Man that could be cool to just do things on my own schedule and be able to take off on adventures any time.”

Living in NYC though, on a single income, is not exactly ideal. Survival mode isn’t exactly a comfortable way to live…and trust me, I have been in survival mode. It’s not fun. Not that I am so unfortunate that I couldn’t have asked for help from my parents or in laws, but I never wanted to. I never wanted to live a life of handouts. So I knew that a career for myself outside of being a mom is something I wanted to continue.

Of course after having kids, I realize how tough of a job being a mom is!!! It’s a ton of work, your grand ideas don’t always come to fruition, and you have to be WAY more go with the flow than I was used to. I was even a little intimidated by having them at home full time for the summer!!

But as I sat and looked around and thought about our day, breathed in the air and enjoyed the peace of the moment, I realized how blessed I am to have come across the Beachbody coaching opportunity. I mean what other job could I do that encourages me to be healthy, encourages me to grow as a person, allows me to help others to the same, gives me the freedom to work on my own schedule, and allows me the chance to go on amazing adventures with my kids all summer long and while they are young… all while simultaneously building an income to help support my family.

I literally could not have dreamed up a better life plan on my own, and I’m so grateful for social media opening my eyes up to new people and career options for women like me. Times have changed and the 9 to 5 doesn’t have the be your only option! Why “live for the weekend” when you and live your WHOLE life every day?!

I know I mentioned our “What Is Coaching” Sneak Peek event already on my Facebook page that will be taking place tonight at 9pm, but I just cannot help myself from shouting it from the rooftops what an incredible journey this has been and how much I want to share it with you!!!

The sky is the limit on what you can achieve with a heart of gold, a passion for living a full life and the determination to put in the hard work.

If nothing else, take this event as a chance to learn what could be possible! Email me to join tonight at 9, and I cannot WAIT to see the faces of those who have already RSVPed! 🙂 ❤ 

Happy Thursday!