#56 Get Married

May 14, 2011

I’m sure many little girls imagine what it will be like to grow up and get married.  They dream of who their husbands will be, what their wedding will be like, who will be there.  Some have planned out everything about their wedding day—where it will be, what their dress will look like, their colors, bouquets, food, etc.  Some picture the man of their dreams—tall, dark, and handsome, or the blonde laid back surfer type.  Most little girls have thought about it at one point or another growing up.  Of course, this notion also crossed my mind.  However, I was not one of those little girls who knew exactly what I wanted when it came to getting married and finding a husband.

I had boyfriends growing up, broke some hearts, got my heart broken, had a little college fun, and then right when I was sick of it all—the drama, the heartache, the games—is when I met Zack.  Of course, it happened right when I WASN’T looking for a relationship.  I had gotten burned pretty badly and just wanted to have lighthearted fun, but something kept drawing me back to the short, Jewish, ex-Beta fraternity, working man that he was.  Maybe it was his persistence in hanging out with me.  Maybe it was his hilarious letters that he wrote me while he was away on business trips to Nevada, but I just could not get him out of my mind.  We ended up dating for 2 1/2 years before deciding to move from Maryland to the Big Apple in New York City together.  Basically, we were going to make it or break it in the big city.  I am happy to say that 3 years after moving in together we were just as smitten with each other, if not more so.  


He popped the question with my sister, her boyfriend, and my cousin in town in front of a restaurant of gawkers.  I was completely and utterly shocked, because I was getting ready to sing “Happy Birthday” to my cousin, Marisa, when the waiter plopped a shiny ring on the table and Zack was on one knee!  I could barely speak; I just kept looking to my sister for confirmation that this was actually happening.  Of course, I said yes, called every single one of my family members and friends, and continued celebrating all night NY style.

When first beginning to plan our wedding, I had NO idea where to begin.  There are a million things to do!  We ended up choosing to do our ceremony at the University of Maryland Chapel since we both went there, and it was a special place for us.  It was also a non-denominational chapel that allowed you to bring any religious ceremonies in, which was perfect for our Catholic-Jewish hybrid ceremony.  After searching high and low for reception venues, we ended up choosing the Greenbelt Marriott for their exquisite ballroom and outdoor cocktail hour patio.  We settled on classic black and white, modern yet vintage theme with bright pops of color from pink and orange flowers.  I designed the cake myself inspired by a combination of many photos online, doused myself in bridal magazines for the latest trends, and splurged on one of most unique wedding dresses I had ever seen from Cymbeline.


All the details and stress of planning aside, I could not wait to walk down that aisle and marry the love of my life and my best friend for the past 6 years.  We are so lucky to have a very large family and many friends that were there to celebrate our special day.  Not only did they throw us an awesome Hawaiian luau engagement party, my bridesmaids also threw an amazing bridal shower, and kick-ass bachelorette weekend in Wrightsville Beach, NC.  Zack’s equivalent was a near-death white water rafting experience in West Virginia, which only solidified their friendships when they pulled through to safety.


Our wedding day on May 14, 2011 was more than I could have imagined.  I was fairly calm for most of the day and excited rather than nervous.  The weather forecast didn’t look good, but the rain held off at just the perfect times for photos and cocktail hour.  The ceremony was beautiful, and our reception was truly rockin’!  The room looked stunning, it was an ultimate dance party, and my dad and I pulled off a Father-Daughter dance that could go down in history.  I am so lucky to have so many family and friends, and such a wonderful husband who cares so much about me.  I am truly blessed!

I am very much looking forward to spending many more years with Zack exploring the world, loving life, and creating a wonderful family together!


The photos below were taken by Joe Brier of The Happy Couple Photography in Northern Virginia, and we are thankful he was there to document our special day 🙂

***Blog update: Our wedding videography was done by Stephen Gradin of Dockside Video Productions, and the highlights can be seen here.  Enjoy! 


6 thoughts on “#56 Get Married

  1. So fun to see your pics and read your blog, Gina…….I love that picture of you and your Dad dancing:) What was your song?

  2. I enjoyed being part of your special day. The times have changed and so have the dresses, the party, the planning and the experience. You did a great job, being the center of the celebration and executing the celebration. It’s amazing to me how far we’ve come – Mary Ann and I – where we have children who are full-grown adults who have spectacular lives and are contributing members of society. I’m so glad I know you.

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