Beantown Strollin’


We were very lucky our trip to Boston was not cut short as they were able to capture the Boston Marathon bomber.  After being on lockdown for quite some time, the residents of Boston were eager to get out and about on that Saturday afternoon.  The streets were packed with people trying their best to get back to “normalcy.”  We stumbled upon this sidewalk chalk memorial, which was very sweet.  Passersby could stop and add their kind words and thoughts.  We were a block away from where the explosion happened at one point, and there were plenty of police officers still there blocking off the streets.  We saw many flowers and tributes to those who were lost or injured.

It was very sad to see, but it was also encouraging to see the camaraderie, love, and support of the Boston community.

We spent the day walking around with my old college roomie Danielle, her husband, Andrey, and their baby, Gray.  We had a great time catching up with them, and this was also sort of a little parenthood preview of what it will be like to raise a baby in a big city.  Fun times were had, and we look forward to having them visit us in Brooklyn sometime soon!













This week I am counting down ’til our big trip to Arizona!

I’m also planning on meeting up with my Bronx cousins in the city this week to celebrate an engagement as well as our Little Monkey.  It’s been awhile, so we have lots to catch up on!

Happy Tuesday!



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