2014 Fashion Round Up

img_2510_layers_v1img_2274_layers_v1 img_2555_layers_v1 img_3028_layers_v1

img_2829_layers_v1 img_3305_layers_v1 img_3496_layers_v1 img_4066_layers_v1 img_4315_layers_v1 img_4685_layers_v1

img_5117_layers_v1 img_5409_layers_v1 img_5791_layers_v1 img_5815_layers_v1 img_6863_layers_v1 img_7135_layers_v1 img_7200_layers_v1

Enjoying the week here in Maryland with family & friends and trying to avoid the sickness going around.  Can’t believe 2014 is almost coming to an end.  Hope you enjoyed the round up of outfits from the past year!



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