All Wrapped Up





Patchwork Cardigan: Hinge via Nordstrom (now on sale!) / Denim: Paige / Top: J. Crew / Boots: Target / Sunnies: Vintage / Lip: MAC Up the Amp

Hey there!  Sorry, it’s been awhile.  Last week was a crazy one.  The temps have been cold around here calling for lots of layers and bundles!  I received this patchwork cardigan from mi madre for Christmas, and it’s so cozy comfy (not to mention, warm) that I haven’t been able to take it off since!  Speaking of bundling, we are experiencing a snowfall currently, and the rumor is we will get over a foot!  Hoping the hubby will get a day off tomorrow, and we can have a family snow day.  I’m eager to break out Nico’s new snowsuit (courtesy of his Bubbe) and see what he thinks of the cold white stuff.  Last year we tried, but I think he was too little too really enjoy or understand it.

We had a nice weekend visiting friends in Philly, and now we are hunkered down for this snowstorm.  Bring on the hot chocolate please!

What are your favorite things to do on a snow day?



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