This is 2

Two years. Two years since you entered this world and our world and forever changed this family for the better. In some ways I can’t believe how fast two years has passed and in other ways it feels like you have been with us forever. I don’t even think your brother, Nico, remembers life before you were here.

You have always made things pretty easy on your ole ma from Day 1. The happiest child…so easy going and laid back, your go-with-the-flow attitude (we can thank your father for that haha). I can’t tell you the amount of times I had to rip you out of your crib from your nap to pick up your brother from school, yet you always greeted me with the biggest smile and eventually a “hi mama.”

Your 4x a night wake-ups til 18 months old almost seemed bearable, because you were so sweet and easy going in every other way.

You are the biggest snuggle bug, always wanting mama or papa to hold you and cuddle. Yet you are SO independent. You want to do everything for yourself including feeding yourself, riding your scooter, climbing at the playground, and walking down the street (sorry buddy you still have to hold my hand when we cross!)

You are small but mighty…you have learned to defend yourself (you can thank your brother for that…I guess) and your are so playful and fun. Your smile and laugh light up my world.

This family is so in love with our little Luca Dukes, Goose, Luca Bear. Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet, sweet boy. I love you forever. ❤️

And now a few pics that can’t even begin to show how much you’ve grown in 2 years, but these are a few of my favs.




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