Kiss Me I’m Irish!


Hope everyone had a HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!!  Being half Irish, this holiday always means a bit more to me than the typical American “let’s get wasted” mentality.  I make sure to call my off-the-boat Irish Granny to wish her a great day as well as my mother, sister, aunt, and uncle.  I dream of my roots, and wish to someday actually visit Ireland.  Of course, I also usually take part in the fun festivities as well, but obviously this year was a bit low key!  This weekend, I ended up going to church instead of the bar, hung out with my guy and some friends, went shopping for new clothes (that fit–yay!), and of course, still sported some green in my attire.  It was a nice switch up to St. Paddy’s Day this year.

In addition, my photography class assignment this week was to do self-portraits.  Ahhh!!!  Scary!  Definitely out of my comfort zone, but it was good for me to actually take my tripod out of the box and learn how to set it up.  I decided why not use this as an opportunity to learn how to take my own blog outfit photos if I get in a crunch or the hubby is unavailable.  I was limited in my ability in the sense that I could only do the landscape set up (as opposed to the long-ways portrait set up) with the tripod.  It was also difficult to focus the lens without having anything to focus on, so I had my hubby stand in for me while I focused, and then I mind-marked the position he was standing so I knew where to go.  Trust there was a lot of trial and error, blurry shots, etc.  But I eventually ended up with a few shots that I was satisfied with.  Of course, you are your own biggest critic.  To be the subject AND the photographer at the same time was something very new and different for me.  However, I am glad I was presented with this challenge as it ended up making me more confident in my abilities.








Top: ZARA / Skinny Jeans: Motherhood Maternity / Boots: Steve Madden / Watch: Michael Kors / Claddagh Ring (Irish Ring): gift – similar / Madonna Necklace: gift  / Shamrock: Wedding Gift – here / Pearls: gift – similar / Lip: Lancome Luxe

Let me tell you…I think ALL jeans should be made like prego jeans…they are ridiculously comfortable!!!  Haha.

Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend, and wishing you a wonderful week ahead!



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#14 Take a Photography Class


This was me on my birthday this past summer.  So excited for my brand new camera.  Cameras have always excited me.  Ever since I was a child, I loved taking photos.  I remember I got my first camera in Disney World when I was 7.  I went around that park taking photos of everything I could.  Back then there was no such thing as digital.  So we took our photos to CVS or Ritz Camera to get them developed, and it was always exciting to remember what pictures I had taken or which ones turned out properly.  My passion continued through middle school and high school.  I would bring my camera to field trips, recess, prom, and other school dances.  I brought my camera to college documenting football games and sorority functions.  I loved having a physical memory to hold on to.  I had albums for days.  And I still have them.  Memories locked up inside books that I could flip through at my leisure.  People always ask me how I am able to remember everything so well.  Well, I think it’s because of my photos.  I can remember where we were or what we were doing or even what we were wearing, because I can see the photo in my mind.  Eventually photos became digital, and I started taking so many photos that I could not keep up with my albums.  They were starting to takeover my room, and I had no more storage for them.  Luckily, Facebook was invented, and I have since been storing all my memories on the computer.  As much as I have always loved taking pictures, I never had a good camera until this summer.  I would try to take artsy shots with my point-and-shoot, but they never really turn out how you want them.  When I decided that I really wanted to start blogging more often, I realized it was finally time to get a nice camera.  The only problem with that is…I don’t really know how to use it.  All this money for a beautiful new camera and lens, and not a clue of how to get the most out of it.  Which is why I decided to sign up for a photography class at the School of Visual Arts.  This is something I have wanted to do for a long time (bucket list/great adventure item #14!), and I am very excited to embark on this journey.  It might be tough, and I may get frustrated, but I cannot wait to learn and become completely enthralled with this craft.  Today is my first class, and I am not quite sure what to expect, but I know I am definitely looking forward to it.  I am hoping to be able to share with you some of what I learn on this blog, and most importantly, I am hoping my new skills will show in the photography I continue to post.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 🙂


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