Mom’s Turn for a Birthday Shoutout


My Mom and Dad are literally two days apart in age.  They usually end up celebrating their birthday’s together (much like my sister and I did growing up), but I figured I would give them each their own individual shout out on the blog for their special days this year.  So Mom…now it’s your turn…

She’s the one who tucked us into bed at night.  She’s the one who said goodnight at the bottom of the stairs.  She’s the one who made up songs with our names in them.  She’s the one who performed these songs while giving us a bath.  She’s the one who always tickled our backs.  She’s the one who made us dinner every night.  She’s the one who also made us eat it whether we wanted to or not.  She’s the one who drove us to soccer and basketball practice.  She’s the one that was cheering or coaching at every single game.  She’s the one who watched TGIF with us on Fridays.  She’s the one who thought of cool birthday party ideas.  She’s the one who took us shopping.  She’s the one who helped us with our homework.  She’s the one who helped us study until we were falling asleep with our books in our laps.  She’s the one who took me to her lab and showed me what scientists do at work.  She’s the one who helped me apply to thirteen…yes thirteen different colleges.  She’s the one who went with me to visit a lot of those colleges. (Loyola New Orleans was particularly fun.)  She’s the one who understood the true meaning of being a Terp since she’d experienced it herself.  She’s the one who taught me how to balance my checkbook.  She’s the one who still pretends we are five years old when we are coming down the stairs on Christmas morning.  She’s the one who cooks Christmas dinner every year.  She’s the one who has her own special Redskins touchdown dance.  She’s the one who makes sure there is always food in the fridge when I come home to visit.  She’s the one who comes to visit me in New York City.  She’s the one who is afraid of the subway.  She’s the one who shares my love of singing.  She’s the one who plans our OBX vacations.  She’s the one who sacrificed so much for us throughout the years.  She’s the one who taught me how to be a woman, a daughter, a friend, and hopefully one day a mother myself.  She’s the one who has no idea how much she means to all of us.

She is my Mom.

Love you so much Mernie!  Hope you have a fantastic Birthday! XO.


At my 8th grade graduation. Look how stunning she is!


My bridal shower with my main girl


Photo courtesy of Joe Brier from The Happy Couple Photography.


The fam


Me and my gorgeous Mama



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