Happy (Belated) Birthday Papa Bear


He’s funny.  He’s sweet.  He’s loud.  He’s crazy.

He’s friendly.  He’s fun.  He’s handsome.  Never lazy.

He’s strong.  He’s affectionate.  He’s lovable.  He’s grand.

He’s Italian.  He’s an entrepreneur.  Always willing to lend a hand.

He golfs.  He skis.  He dances.  He plays.

He smiles.  He whistles.  He works hard for days.

He cries during movies.  He smokes cigars.

He builds lots of things.  He has lots of cars.

He makes pizza and wine.  He loves to play bocce.

He built his own motorcycle.  He loves the movie Rocky.

He also likes the Godfather.  And Scarface too.

He quotes movie lines.  Probably better than you.

He’s a good friend.  He’s a good husband.  He’s a good father.  He’s a good lad.

This man that I speak of…

He is my Dad.

Happy Birthday Pops.  Love you!



Can you guess which one is him?


Dad on the motorcycle that he built himself. He named it “Sicilian Venom.” Haha.


Wedding Day Father/Daughter Dance.  Frank Sinatra’s, “The Way You Look Tonight,” followed with a breakout disco dance routine to “She’s on Fire” from the movie “Scarface.”  Photo courtesy of Joe Brier at The Happy Couple Photography


Bocce Champs


Skiing together at Seven Springs in PA


Dad with Sister and Me on Christmas Eve


Family on another Christmas Eve


Killing it on the dance floor.  Photo courtesy of Erin Lassahn Wedding Photography.


Photo from a recent wedding we attended together.

I apologize that I am a day late on this post!  I originally meant to post this on my Dad’s actual Birthday which was yesterday, but I was on the hunt for some of those older photos.  Alas, here they are.  Hope you enjoyed following me on my trip down memory lane. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!



5 thoughts on “Happy (Belated) Birthday Papa Bear

  1. Thanks is so sweet, Gina……you have a really awesome dad….(my hubby quotes lines from movies too:) So funny! I loved all of the pics and his dimples too.

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