Sun Kissed








Dress: ASOS / Shoes: Badgley Mischka / Earrings: Stella & Dot / Bracelet: Vintage / Sunglasses: Brickyard Buffalo / Lip: MAC Snob

Ahh this dress! During an online shopping spree for our June wedding season, I saw this dress at ASOS, and I just HAD to have it! I just love the bright neon florals for summertime, and it was perfect for the outdoor/indoor wedding we attended in Ithaca, NY. I hedged my bets with this one hoping it would fit as only the smaller size was available. I normally would have gone for the slightly larger one, but it seems my hard work in the “gym” aka my living room has paid off and I was able to slip into this delightful fit and flare silhouette! So happy that it worked out, and we had an amazing evening watching the sun go down and dancing the night away with great friends.

It’s been a busy summer here with lots of traveling and more coming up in the next few weeks! Nashville is SOOOOO soon!!! Eeeep! If you don’t remember, here is a post of me from last year’s Summit breakin’ it down with CIZE at 8 months pregnant! LOL! I am getting so excited to return to the place where I met all my coaching teammates in person for the first time and looking forward to learning from the best about how to keep moving my business forward and changing lives along the way.

In other news…not that you all particularly care, but the fellow moms out there might! We are in the midst of potty training with my toddler, and so far it’s going MUCH better than I had anticipated! I speed read the Oh Crap! book which helped to reassure me that we were more or less on the right track! I can’t believe we are crossing this big milestone and he seems to be aging SO rapidly right now! Threenager attitude and all! LOL! The baby learned to full out crawl and now a week later he is pulling himself to standing. SLOW DOWN KID! Ahhh they grow up too fast don’t they? But I do admit, it will be pretty darn cute (and terrifying) when they are running around together/in opposite directions. Haha.

Hope you are all having a great week so far!! I am having a blast with the Jam out in July Challenge!! I don’t know why I haven’t been blasting music in my house during my workouts already! SUCH a great idea and such great motivation!

Make it a happy one!



Rockin’ Wedding Weekend















Hey friends!  Well, I wasn’t planning on being completely M.I.A. last week over here, but as it turns out our beach house in the OBX lacked wifi.  I’m sure I could have scooted over to a coffee shop of sorts, but instead I decided to enjoy the free time I had with family, and tried to relax as much as possible.  As much as you are able to with an (almost) one year old child in tow and thirty family members to catch up with.  Nico was a hit with the family and he made sure to show them all of his latest “tricks.”  What a little charmer he is.  The exception to this charm is that our dinner dates with the little guy might be put on pause for awhile.  The scene that entailed was definitely anything but.  Breakfast dates, however, are still a go.  We had a lovely one on the Nags Head Pier watching the waves crash onto the shore.  Nico loved the beach as usual, and we took him up to Jockey’s Ridge to check out the famous sand dunes.  Overall, it was a really nice get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Onto these photos of this beautiful wedding from earlier this summer.  Our dear friends Joe and Colette look ravishing and totally in love.  They were smiling from ear to ear the entire day.  The magic took place in Rock Hall, Maryland (beautiful and totally under the radar), and it also marked our first full weekend away from the little guy.  He was in good hands with his aunt/godmother, and we actually got to sleep in for once, which was kind of amazing.  We had a lovely weekend with friends, and looking back at these photos makes me want to plan another weekend with this crew soon.

Missing my vacation already, but a small part of me is glad to be home in Brooklyn.

Hope you all have a great week!



Chesapeake Bay Beach Love


Let me set the scene.  It was a beautiful sunny day in Annapolis.  We headed over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge by shuttle for a lovely church ceremony, followed by a gorgeous reception on the water at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club.  We watched Kurt and Tiffany say their long-awaited “I do’s” and the love was radiating between the two of them all day and night long.

I have known Kurt since college.  He was roommates with my high school friend Mike at St. Joseph’s University in Philly, and my cousin Marisa and I took many of those two hour trips throughout our college years up from the University of Maryland to visit them as well as another one of our besties at UPenn.  We really got to know all of the St. Joe’s guys, but especially Kurt as he and Mike stayed roommates and best friends for years to come.  We spent many crazy summers in Dewey Beach fist pumping, dancing to techno, screaming Taylor Swift at the tops of our lungs and taking a gazillion photos.  We also spent many fun nights hanging out in Baltimore in the off season for all different kinds of events or just random weekend nights.  I remember when Kurt first met Tiffany, and her first trip to Dewey Beach.  I think I may actually have it on video.  She seemed a little nervous (because let’s be honest, my friends are crazy), but she was sweet as could be and fit right in with the gang.  I knew she would be sticking around for the long haul.

Kurt and Tiffany have such a special relationship that you would have to be blind to not notice.  I hope the photos below capture the beautiful and awesome wedding day that June 29th was.  They are a wonderful couple and I am happy to call them my friends.  Congratulations Kurt and Tiff, and I I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together!

















Hope you enjoyed the photos from this magical day.  Doesn’t Tiff just look stunning in this last photo?

This week has been a good one…been busy with multiple errands, catching up with blogging and e-mails, and enjoying a little peace and quiet around the house.  I have a doc appointment for Little Monkey today for our 7 month checkup.  I still cannot believe we are almost there!  Things have been piling in for the nursery…he is already spoiled thanks to my family and friends.  We are getting super excited for his arrival, and I’m pretty sure the “nesting” bug is going to hit me soon.

Hope you all are having a great week so far!



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Friday Funny: Let’s Get It Started

I came across this video last week, and thought it was absolutely hysterical (and impressive).  This woman was pregnant and overdue with TWINS.  Eager for them to arrive into the world, she tried to induce her labor by dancing.  Her husband was also an awesome sport and joined in the fun.  She ended up having her twins two days later in a natural un-medicated birth.  What a rockstar!

Hope this made you laugh, and wishing you all a great weekend!



Boston Love


I finally found some time to go through the tons of photos I took at Jamie and Kaitlyn’s wedding in Boston.  For those that don’t remember, their wedding took place on the same day as the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bomber.  It was an extremely crazy day, and I am proud of the bride and groom for taking everything in stride.  Their original ceremony location was supposed to be held at a church that was in a lockdown area, so they had to move it at the last minute to the same location at the reception.  I think they did a phenomenal job with the transformation, and this couple proved that the show must go on and love prevails!

Tons of love, patriotism, and Boston pride were shown at this wedding from start to finish.  The groom and his men dressed in Naval attire, the sword arch ceremony, the altered speeches, and the irish jig and Bostonian song lyrics gave this wedding a special touch.  It was so nice to see their family and friends rally around the bride and groom on their special day, and also rally around their city in light of such crazy times.  I’m sure you can see the love here in the photos below.  Enjoy!



Brotherly love





IMG_7933_Layers_v1 copy


IMG_7941_Layers_v1 copy



Me and the hubby (with the little one doing a good job of hiding)








What a fun night!

Stay tuned for more photos from our Boston trip to come.

This past weekend we went to Maryland for the 1st Annual John Petrovick Memorial 5K in Baltimore.  You may remember I ran for John and raised over $5,000 for the Johns Hopkins Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery back in October.   Well, yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of his passing, and some good friends of mine put on this special event to honor his memory and inspire others.  John was a truly inspirational person, and I am so happy this event went off without a hitch.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day, and about 250 runners and walkers participated.  This was definitely the best possible way we could have spent the day.  “Inside all of us is HOPE.”  Miss you, John.

Hope you all are having a great start to your week!



Happy (Belated) Birthday Papa Bear


He’s funny.  He’s sweet.  He’s loud.  He’s crazy.

He’s friendly.  He’s fun.  He’s handsome.  Never lazy.

He’s strong.  He’s affectionate.  He’s lovable.  He’s grand.

He’s Italian.  He’s an entrepreneur.  Always willing to lend a hand.

He golfs.  He skis.  He dances.  He plays.

He smiles.  He whistles.  He works hard for days.

He cries during movies.  He smokes cigars.

He builds lots of things.  He has lots of cars.

He makes pizza and wine.  He loves to play bocce.

He built his own motorcycle.  He loves the movie Rocky.

He also likes the Godfather.  And Scarface too.

He quotes movie lines.  Probably better than you.

He’s a good friend.  He’s a good husband.  He’s a good father.  He’s a good lad.

This man that I speak of…

He is my Dad.

Happy Birthday Pops.  Love you!



Can you guess which one is him?


Dad on the motorcycle that he built himself. He named it “Sicilian Venom.” Haha.


Wedding Day Father/Daughter Dance.  Frank Sinatra’s, “The Way You Look Tonight,” followed with a breakout disco dance routine to “She’s on Fire” from the movie “Scarface.”  Photo courtesy of Joe Brier at The Happy Couple Photography


Bocce Champs


Skiing together at Seven Springs in PA


Dad with Sister and Me on Christmas Eve


Family on another Christmas Eve


Killing it on the dance floor.  Photo courtesy of Erin Lassahn Wedding Photography.


Photo from a recent wedding we attended together.

I apologize that I am a day late on this post!  I originally meant to post this on my Dad’s actual Birthday which was yesterday, but I was on the hunt for some of those older photos.  Alas, here they are.  Hope you enjoyed following me on my trip down memory lane. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!





Atlantic City!  What a weekend.  First off, congratulations to the bachelorette, my cousin Alex.  I think we showed her a pretty good celebration, evident by the fact that she wore her tiara the entire time, and even on the way out of the casino.  She clearly did not want the weekend to end.  It was wonderful to get some quality girl time complete with constant squealing, dirty shirley’s, sequins, stilettos, and dancing.  I am not a huge gambler, but I did get into a game of black jack, the Sex and the City slots, and a little roulette as well.  This weekend was definitely one for the books, and I am now super excited for her wedding at the end of the month!


View from our hotel room at the Revel. You can see a bit of destruction left over from Hurricane Sandy. Boardwalk and casinos were pretty much in tact though.








My cousins Marisa and Alex. Matron of Honor & Bride.






The crew


Bride with one of her bridesmaids


My sister and I. On me: Forever 21 dress, Betsey Johnson watch, Lancome Fuchsia Clutch lip, bracelet (gift from cousin), ALDO earrings


Well, I am looking forward to a little relaxation tonight after a crazy fun-filled weekend.  Planning on maybe a little work out, dinner with the hubs, and catching the Redskins v. Giants game on TV.  HAIL!

Happy Manic Monday everyone!