Lady in Red











Dress: ASOS / Shoes: Audrey Brooke / Jacket: LOFT / Clutch: Lulu Townsend / Lip: MAC Russian Red 

On Zack – Tux: Men’s Wearhouse / Button Down: J. Crew

When I stumbled upon this dress, I knew I just HAD to have it. The perfect dress for a December wedding AND I can wear it for Christmas? Money well spent in my book! Apparently I wasn’t the only one, because it sold out quick! But I am here with some amazing news! Since I last posted this dress, it’s now back up for sale on the ASOS website! Guess it was so good, they decided to get more in stock! If you order it soon, you can still even have it for Christmas ūüôā

December has SERIOUSLY flown by. I am sitting here staring at my Christmas tree right now, and I’m a little bit sad that it will be my last day to enjoy it in 2015. We are back on the road tomorrow morning to head to Maryland for the holidays. Which means I should probably stop typing and start packing. Holiday cards and wrapping presents will have to wait until we are settled at my parent’s home. We have had a busy month, but I am looking forward to some more family time, friends, laughter, and fun since this really is my favorite time of the year. It’s even more fun this year as I think Nico is actually getting excited for Santa to arrive. The joy on his face makes my little heart melt into a puddle. I cannot wait to see his eyes light up on Christmas morning and imagine it will be purely magical.

Have a great weekend!



Tying the Knot in Tucson


Tucson.  Beautiful Tucson.  The boys and I flew out to Arizona back in November to celebrate the wedding of my pen pal (yes you heard that right), Angela to her sweetheart, Leon.  We visited them in May 2013 while I was pregnant, back before they were even engaged, and we had the most amazing time out there exploring and meeting her family.  We were so happy to return as a family of three and celebrate their wonderful union together.

It was a magical night in the Tucson desert.  The sunset was absolutely unreal out there.  The flowers were stunning of course, as Angela and her sister are both floral designers.  I loved the artistic touches Angela included, especially the four wedding dresses she pulled from the parents and grandparents of her and Leon.  These dresses were hung from trees that lined her walk down the aisle.  Sigh.

Aside from the beautiful decor and scenery, the wedding was full of fantastic people. ¬†Coming from across the country, we didn’t know many of the guests¬†but both Angela and Leon’s family and friends were so completely welcoming and friendly. ¬†They were also lots of fun, and we joined them on the dance floor for much of the night. ¬†Kids were able to run around in the outdoor space, and I think our little Nico actually learned how to really walk here.

It was a beautiful night, and I am so happy for Angela and Leon.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your celebration.  Love you both!

















Beautiful, huh?

Fast forward to present day: Yesterday marked the first Day of P90X for me. ¬†As you can probably imagine, I am in an incredible amount of pain! ¬†But no pain, no gain right? ¬†Day 2 (today) I woke up early to do plyometrics. ¬†I was actually enjoying the workout, but started to feel sick and queasy about half way in. ¬†Now, I know I’m not pregnant, so I guess this is a sign I am out of shape! ¬†I¬†started having¬†flashbacks of high school basketball tryouts where there were trashcans lined up around the gym “just in ¬†case.” ¬†Yikes. ¬†I decided to listen to my body, and stop the workout at the moment. ¬†It’s only Day 2, and I have a long journey. ¬†I do plan on completing the second half of the workout later today when I have a bit more energy. ¬†Oh the curveballs!

Other than that, we have SNOW today up in the Big Apple! ¬†Unfortunately, since Nico and I have been sick, I think we will be enjoying the snow through the window today, but at least it’s pretty!

Hope you are all having a great week and a great start to the new year!



Outer Banks Vacation Photos










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I can’t believe it. ¬†The official start to fall is next week, so I thought I would end this week with some of my favorite photos from our last summer vacation to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. ¬†Hope you enjoy them, and have a great time on this last weekend of the official summer season!

We are headed to Maryland to celebrate our nephew’s 1st birthday and our friend’s child’s 3rd. ¬†Party party! ¬†These kids are growing up too fast! ¬†Time for me to get to packing.



Porch Swing










On me: Top: J. Crew / Tank: J. Crew (available in other colors) – also similar here / Shorts: J. Crew (available in other colors here and here) / Sandals: Sam Edelman (sold out, but many color choices here) / Sunnies: Francesca’s (similar) / Necklace: Baublebar (similar) / Watch: Michael Kors / Bracelets: Henri Bendel, Baublebar, Stella & Sparkle / Earrings: ALDO / Lip: Lancome Red Haute

On Nico: Bathing Suit Top & Trunks Set: Carter’s

Feeling nostalgic today from our vacation to the Outer Banks. ¬†If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already noticed I’m protesting my post-vacation blues. ¬†The photos above show some of my most favorite times in the OBX. ¬†Doing. ¬†Absolutely. ¬†Nothing. ¬†Relaxation in it’s purest form. ¬†There’s just something about a porch swing at sunset that immediately resets my zen. ¬†After a long day in the hot sun, taking walks and building sandcastles, it feels great to come back to the cottage, have a nice shower, and climb into the porch swing and just sway. ¬†Feeling the breeze as the sun drops down below the horizon brings an immediate feeling of calm and a sense of peacefulness that I haven’t been able to really recreate anywhere else but here. ¬†Sometimes I will even bring a book into the swing and get lost into some other dream world. ¬†This year, I brought Nico onto the swing with me, and for a kid who otherwise at this age is squirmy and adventurous, I was mildly surprised with his ability to just snuggle and relax with me on the swing for awhile. ¬†It was as if he was silently saying, “Oh hey Mom, yeah I could get the hang of this relax in the porch swing thing.” ¬†I’m lucky that my little one still does love to snuggle with me often‚Ķusually at night before bedtime. ¬†But as he approaches his first birthday and becomes more independent, I start to see him squiggle away from me more and more as he explores the world around him. ¬†It makes me sad, but at the same time I know he has to grow. ¬†Part of me wants to cling and keep him small forever though and that part of me is going to soak up every moment I can while he is still little enough to be wrapped in my arms cuddling on the porch swing.



Rockin’ Wedding Weekend















Hey friends! ¬†Well, I wasn’t planning on being completely M.I.A. last week over here, but as it turns out our beach house in the OBX lacked wifi. ¬†I’m sure I could have scooted over to a coffee shop of sorts, but instead I decided to enjoy the free time I had with family, and tried to relax as much as possible. ¬†As much as you are able to with an (almost) one year old child in tow and thirty family members to catch up with. ¬†Nico was a hit with the family and he made sure to show them all of his latest “tricks.” ¬†What a little charmer he is. ¬†The exception to this charm is that our dinner dates with the little guy might be put on pause for awhile. ¬†The scene that entailed¬†was definitely anything but. ¬†Breakfast dates, however, are still a go. ¬†We had a lovely one on the Nags Head Pier watching the waves crash onto the shore. ¬†Nico loved the beach as usual, and we took him up to Jockey’s Ridge to check out the famous sand dunes. ¬†Overall, it was a really nice get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Onto these photos of this beautiful wedding from earlier this summer.  Our dear friends Joe and Colette look ravishing and totally in love.  They were smiling from ear to ear the entire day.  The magic took place in Rock Hall, Maryland (beautiful and totally under the radar), and it also marked our first full weekend away from the little guy.  He was in good hands with his aunt/godmother, and we actually got to sleep in for once, which was kind of amazing.  We had a lovely weekend with friends, and looking back at these photos makes me want to plan another weekend with this crew soon.

Missing my vacation already, but a small part of me is glad to be home in Brooklyn.

Hope you all have a great week!



Florida Sky








I took these photos on our Florida trip back in November. ¬†It takes me back to the peaceful balcony at my Grandmother’s condo in St. Pete Beach. ¬†The quiet. The warmth. ¬†The calm. ¬†It was really the first moment since beginning motherhood that I actually felt relaxed. ¬†It felt nice.

These photos also remind me of spending quality time with my family for a number of reasons. ¬†1) It was our first airplane trip as a family of three. ¬†2) It was the first time my parents and grandmother were able to spend extended time with their grandson/great-grandson. ¬†3) ¬†It was the rare occasion that we were able to spend time with the three of them alone. ¬†Normally, when we travel back to Maryland, it’s for a big event and there are tons of people,¬†which I do love, but it was nice to spend some quality time on our own.

Thinking of family makes me extremely excited for our upcoming trip to Maryland for Christmas. ¬†There are so many firsts Nico will get to experience. His first Feast of the Seven Fishes night. ¬†The first time hearing my mom yell, “Santa came!” when we walk down the stairs. ¬†The first time being subjected to my dad videotaping Christmas morning (yes, he still does it every year, but by now I appreciate it.) ¬†The first time meeting some family members, and so much more.

My, these photos have gotten me off on a tangent here.  As a final thought, I know the holidays can be crazy, but I am hoping for a day or two while we are down in Maryland to feel that peaceful calm again that I felt in these photos above.

Hope you all are having a good week so far!



Chesapeake Bay Beach Love


Let me set the scene. ¬†It was a beautiful sunny day in Annapolis. ¬†We headed over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge by shuttle for a lovely church ceremony, followed by a gorgeous reception on the water at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. ¬†We watched Kurt and Tiffany say their long-awaited “I do’s” and the love was radiating between the two of them all day and night long.

I have known Kurt since college. ¬†He was roommates with my high school friend Mike at St. Joseph’s University in Philly, and my cousin Marisa and I took many of those two hour trips throughout our college years up from the University of Maryland to visit them as well as another one of our besties at UPenn. ¬†We really got to know all of the St. Joe’s guys, but especially Kurt as he and Mike stayed roommates and best friends for years to come. ¬†We spent many crazy summers in Dewey Beach fist pumping, dancing to techno, screaming Taylor Swift at the tops of our lungs and taking a gazillion photos. ¬†We also spent many fun nights hanging out in Baltimore in the off season for all different kinds of events or just random weekend nights. ¬†I remember when Kurt first met Tiffany, and her first trip to Dewey Beach. ¬†I think I may actually have it on video. ¬†She seemed a little nervous (because let’s be honest, my friends are crazy), but she was sweet as could be and fit right in with the gang. ¬†I knew she would be sticking around for the long haul.

Kurt and Tiffany have such a special relationship that you would have to be blind to not notice.  I hope the photos below capture the beautiful and awesome wedding day that June 29th was.  They are a wonderful couple and I am happy to call them my friends.  Congratulations Kurt and Tiff, and I I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together!

















Hope you enjoyed the photos from this magical day. ¬†Doesn’t Tiff just look stunning in this last photo?

This week has been a good one…been busy with multiple errands, catching up with blogging and e-mails, and enjoying a little peace and quiet around the house. ¬†I have a doc appointment for Little Monkey today for our 7 month checkup. ¬†I still cannot believe we are almost there! ¬†Things have been piling in for the nursery…he is already spoiled thanks to my family and friends. ¬†We are getting super excited for his arrival, and I’m pretty sure the “nesting” bug is going to hit me soon.

Hope you all are having a great week so far!



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