I’m Still Here

I’m still here.  It’s 12.21.12, and I’m still here.

I realize the day is not over yet.  I realize a little “knock knock” on some wood might do me some good here.  And should I not be here later today, I suppose I should say my farewells.  Although it’s been a short stint here at popcorn and pandas, it has been a fun one.  I will miss all of you dearly, and wish you all a happy parting from this world if we are indeed ending our time here today.

But as for now, I am still here.  And I still have bucket list items to complete, Christmas to celebrate, a 90’s Christmas mix album to listen to (thanks awesome co-worker!), family to see, friends to hang out with, photos to take, a wedding to attend, and a new year to ring in.

I have packing to do and a trip to Maryland to take.  I have bagels and manicottis to pick up to bring home to the family (you are welcome Dad).  I have some birthdays to celebrate, a wine and pizza night with friends on the books, and a nephew puppy to shower with snuggles.  I don’t know about you…but I’m not quite ready.  I still have too much to do.

So I am going to stay optimistic about the fact that I am still here.  The truth is, we never know how long we may have on this Earth.  Forget the Mayans and their predictions about today, but we aren’t guaranteed anything in life.  Including life itself.  So today I am thankful that I am still here.

And while I am still here, I will take this moment to reiterate how important it is to make the most of what you have.  Make the best of your time here.  Do what makes you happy in life.  Your time is precious and should not be wasted.  You never know when your world will end.

But right now, you are still here.

Happy Friday and Happy Holidays to all!



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