Help Wanted!


During my 7 years working in production and advertising as an agent for animation studios, I spent a lot of time watching other people create things. I always wished I could create more myself, which led to the creation of Popcorn and Pandas…an outlet for my personal style, travel, adventures, motherhood, lifestyle, food, fun…and now also fitness.

Fitness has always been a part of my life as I played soccer and basketball growing up, trained for half marathons and triathlon post college, and now as a health & fitness coach it plays an even bigger role. Running my own business has allowed me to reach a new creative potential that I never thought possible. I am able to create fresh content daily, create exciting challenges for my clients, and I’m inspired to create new recipes for healthy eating. I am also able to make a difference in people’s live each and every day.

Some of my recent challengers have said:

“I’m totally aware of how much stronger I’ve gotten and how much energy I have. Still more work to do, but loving the motivating results.”

“Today is Day 14 for me, and I can’t believe the difference! I can’t wait to see what Day 21 looks like. Thank you!”

“I am sleeping better, fitting into a size down, and although I have been doing the modified version of the exercises, I am improving every day. My mindset is more positive, and I definitely have more energy!”

Now, THAT is what it’s all about. I love making a difference in people’s lives and seeing them so positive and happy about the changes they are making not only to their bodies but to their minds and spirit as well.

Are you someone that likes making a difference too?

Because I am looking for 5 people to train for my next Coach Apprenticeship!!!!

If you are someone who is:
-A Team Player
-Looking for something MORE?

Then I would love to consider you for a position on Team SPARK! If you are interested and this sounds like something you would be interested in doing either full or part time, then please fill out this application below and I will contact you with more information!