Lunch Date


Lunch at Mimi’s on Cortelyou

Had a nice little day with the hubby over the weekend.  Woke up and did some yoga together, relaxed, ate breakfast, and read my book.  Then headed out on a little neighborhood stroll on Cortelyou.  Had a wonderful lunch at Mimi’s, and then browsed around at a few new shops that have opened up.  It seems our little Ditmas Park is growing and growing.


Sweater from the GAP


Where’s Waldo? Tee from Urban Outfitters


Semolina pancakes with honey, mint, and strawberries.



My favorite house in Ditmas Park. I like to call it the “Gingerbread House.”


Adorable little car we spotted


Lots of new shops on Cortelyou. Check out the Brooklyn Artery and support your locals!


New hat from the Brooklyn Artery.

In addition, today, I would like to send some love and prayers down to Maryland in memory of my dear Aunt Sylvia.  She passed away last week, and unfortunately, I was unable to make it down for the services.  She was a wonderful lady with admirable strength and courage.  She had a fantastic sense of humor and could always make you laugh.  In addition, I will always remember the quilt she made me for my room growing up.  She was very talented.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all my family and cousins who are remembering her today.  Love you all.



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