Another Present Under the Tree!

Baby Notes 3.jpg

Welp, today is Day #1 of the long anticipated 80 Day Obsession, but looks like I won’t be starting today afterall…God has another plan!!!

Looks like there was one more present under the tree. The Notes Fam is expecting Baby 3! ūüôā ūüôā

We’re only 9 weeks so say some prayers to the man upstairs¬†and send some good vibes for a healthy human to arrive to us in August!

I know some of you are probably wondering why I am announcing so “early” because it’s not the “norm,” but after hearing about a recent terrible pregnancy loss from a high school friend, it was another reminder to me to celebrate every moment. I have something to celebrate NOW. And yes, I know the terrible that could happen…it has happened before…but announcing “early” and celebrating the life inside me now doesn’t change any outcomes. I don’t want to hide in fear of what could happen but instead celebrate what IS happening now..and that is I’m growing a human! And no matter what happens, I will only be stronger for having all of the support around me.

Plus, I’m starting to pop out already big time. ¬†I share much of my life on social media, and it just feels so unnatural for me to hide and not be able to share everything that has been going on behind the scenes of the first trimester…like being super hungry and incredibly tired this week and not even wanting to exercise. And having that nausea finally kick in. Apparently this is normal for this week of pregnancy, so I’m trying to ride the wave, but happy to share what’s been going on as I navigate this pregnancy with two little boys. This weekend I have been SO thankful for my helpful hubby! And that we have him for an extra day.

Thanks for all the love and support you all have shown my fam thus far, and we are so excited for this new journey as a family of 5! 




Our Snow Family is Growing

Baby Notes 2 Announcement

Surprise!  The Notes Family is growing!

We are very excited to announce that we will have a new addition to the family on or around August 31 of this year! ¬†Yes, that is two days after Nico’s 2nd Birthday. ¬†What are the odds?

Now I know I mentioned in a recent post, “I know I’m not pregnant.” ¬†I promise I wasn’t lying! ¬†I just really didn’t know! ¬†Boy did I feel stupid when I found out why I had really gotten sick that day.¬† At least I know it wasn’t because I was that terribly out of shape haha.

Speaking of getting in shape, it’s probably obvious, but I have had to put P90X on hold for awhile, because it’s pretty much the most intense workout ever, and not exactly made for pregnant ladies. ¬†Also, my fitness goals have clearly changed. ¬†Instead of six-pack abs, I will be looking at a basketball belly here in a few months. ¬†However, I’m not going to use this pregnancy as an excuse to “go crazy and eat whatever the heck I want, because I’m going to get fat anyway”. ¬†I am going to try my best to stick to a healthy diet (even when I’m nauseous and all I want is crackers), and I have also started on the PiYo workout program, which is pilates and yoga. ¬†Much more prego-friendly!

It’s been hard to share what I have been up to lately, because of carrying this big “secret,” so while I am now at 10 weeks during my pregnancy and not quite through the first trimester, I have decided to share our baby news a bit earlier this time around. ¬†Mostly because keeping secrets is exhausting (especially now that I have a toddler running around). ¬†I’m already exhausted enough! ¬†But also, because a post written by a good friend and local neighborhood mom, Sascha, really hit home for me. ¬†I support the decision to announce your pregnancy whenever you so desire, but for me…. right now… this is the right time.

If you have been following my blog for awhile now, you know that I lost my first pregnancy with our Little Peanut. ¬†When I got pregnant with Nico, I lived a lot of the pregnancy in fear of what could happen. ¬†I was constantly scared and anxious that we would somehow lose him too. ¬†But getting through the first trimester also isn’t some sort of magic number of weeks that sends you off on a sweet sunset sail toward labor and delivery. ¬†I have had many friends lose pregnancies in their second trimesters too. ¬†Things happen in life that we have no control over, and as heartbreaking as that is, I felt that even though I know there is the possibility of losing another pregnancy, it wasn’t going to stop me from being happy this time around. ¬†No matter what, you will ALWAYS worry about your children. ¬†It doesn’t matter how old they are. ¬†So I am not willing to let fear stop my happiness. ¬†And God-forbid if my family has to go down that dark path again, at least I can be rest assured that I have a supportive network of family and friends around me to get me through.¬† Every life is worth celebrating, and right now I am happy to celebrate the 10 week old growing baby in my belly.

That being said, pregnancy with a toddler is crazy! ¬†I’m trying to get through each and every day while exhausted and nauseous. ¬†It’s strange to be going through it a second time around. ¬†It’s sort of like we’ve gone back in time a bit. ¬†Not gonna lie, it’s hard. ¬†And I imagine it only gets that much harder once the baby actually arrives! ¬†But thinking about Nico being a big brother this summer makes me so excited. ¬†He has even started giving the baby kisses (kissing my belly) which just melts my heart. ¬†He is the sweetest thing.

World's Best Big Brother

We cannot be more thrilled to grow our family, and I am looking forward to sharing my pregnancy journey with you for a second time around.

Hope you are all having a fantastic week!