Transformation Tuesday: 21 Day Fix Round 2

21DF Results Compare Side

Transformation Tuesday!

During my 2nd Round of the 21 Day Fix I lost 2 more pounds and 5.25 more inches. So from Day 1 to Day 42, I lost a total of 6 lbs and 12 inches.

It may not seem like much in terms of weight, but my photos show that you can’t just go by the scale! You can really see a difference (at least I think so) in the before/after shots. I can also definitely feel things have changed in the way my clothes fit. Those pre-pregnancy jeans are now feeling comfortable and not so super tight.

My journey is not over, but I am making progress and that’s what counts! It took me 9 months to carry that little baby to term, and it has only been 3 months postpartum. So I am feeling good and happy and strong with where I am today.

I indulged a little more than I had planned over the Thanksgiving holiday, but hey…that’s also part of why I’m working so hard right? To enjoy! Plus Round 3 started yesterday, and I am back on track for the month of December! Going to be hard to fight off some of those holiday temptations, but the best part about this plan is that it allows some treats! πŸ™‚

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I am SO incredibly grateful and thankful for my family and friends. I am also thankful for all of you lovely readers who keep coming back here each day. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!



2 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday: 21 Day Fix Round 2

  1. I stumbled across your page through Pinterest. I just started my first round of 21 day fix and man, I hope my journey produces the results that yours has. You look wonderful! Great job.

    • Hi Tory!!!

      Thanks so much for you comment! That is so nice of you to say πŸ™‚ I really loved the 21 Day Fix. I am now almost finished P90X3, and loving that one too! I think 21 Day Fix Extreme is next for me. Good luck with your journey!! It’s an incredible program. I cannot recommend it enough! Do you have a coach that you are working with? If not, I would love to help support you to reach your goals! Thanks again for stopping by! XO. -Gina

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